Photos and Selling Your House


There are many components that go into successively marketing your home. In my opinion, photos and price have the most impact.

Online searches for homes has increased 250%+ over the past year. That is staggering! Most people don’t go to open houses anymore, why should they when they can see every home for sale in the neighborhood from the comfort of their home? 

What does this mean for you? Photos are VERY important! Potential buyers use the house photos as a filter. They decide if they like or don’t like your home based on spending 0-2 minutes flipping through your photos. This is sometimes your only chance to convince the potential buyer to even see your house in person. If they don’t like what they see, they don’t set a showing. 

In terms of photos, we’ve seen it all! From photos that are taken as the agent drives by in their car from their phone to no photos at all, to dark and out of focus photos. There are classic mistakes in photos such as the toilet seat is up, closets open, personal items in the photos, image of agent in the mirror as they take a photo, no pictures of the outside of photos and/or only the corner of a room is shown. This is what the potential buyer sees on their online search—and if they don’t like what they see, they move on to the next house without ever stepping foot into your house. I’ve even seen high-end homes with NO photos—Really?

And once you are under contract, do you know what the buyer does with your photos? They analyze them! They decide where to put their furniture, they pour over every photo over and over. Have I mentioned having great photos is really important?

As a real estate agent, I spend a lot of time looking at photos of homes and I will tell you what I look at before I flip to the next house—the kitchen. If the kitchen looks OK I will continue to look, if not, I move on.

To the credit of real estate agents, photographing a house is not as easy as it sounds. The light coming in the windows can be too bright or it is too dark, you need a wide-angle lens—but not too wide or the room looks out of proportion. 

We have a secret weapon at Open Door Real Estate—the best photographer in the Denver area!

His work is amazing—Here are some samples—


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