The following items reflect areas of your home that are typically looked at by a certified home inspector (ASHI® .. American Society of Home Inspectors). In some instances, if  not given proper attention to prior to the inspection, they may become issues to be resolved as a result of the Inspection Condition of the contract. Take a moment to  review this check-list and make necessary corrections as needed.

• Add downspout extensions of 4” flexible tubing 5‘ from the house to control basement see page.

• Maintain a positive grade of dirt approximately 3’ away from the foundation to direct water away from the house.

• Check flashing around chimney, vent pipes and eves for leaks and caulk with roofing cement.

• Clean all gutters and check alignment. Replace rusted out sections.

• Power wash exterior siding and decks.

• Clean masonry stoops and walks and paint handrails with rustoleum.

• Caulk windows and door thresholds with a silicone/latex caulk.

• Freshly paint the front door, windows, trim and shutter for curb appeal.

• Put down fresh bark/rock and add flowers to brighten up the front yard.

• Repair floor squeaks by screwing the sub-floor to the joist.

• Have the furnace and air conditioning unit(s) serviced by a licensed contractor; check for gas leaks, heat exchanger problems … Get a written report.

• Repair leaky faucets, loose toilets, plumbing leaks and re-caulk the tub/shower with a silicone tub and tile caulk.

• Clean ashes from the fireplace and check the firebrick for cracks and the condition of the flue and damper. Have a chimney sweep clean the area if there is more than 1/3” of creosote.

• Patch cosmetic sheet rock cracks with spackling compound. Touch-up paint.

• Check windows for proper operation.

• In crawl spaces add 6 mil polyethylene over exposed dirt as a vapor barrier and radon gas deterrent.

• Check all exhaust fans, whole house fans, ceiling fans and attic fans for operation.